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Created 31-Jan-12
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Tarifa, Spain photo gallery.
Puerta De Jerez, Tarifa - Spain.Alley, Tarifa - Spain.Iglesia S Mateo, Tarifa - Spain.Postal Bike, Tarifa - Spain.Police Station, Tarfia - Spain.Plaza De Santa Maria, Tarifa - Spain.Almedina, Tarifa - Spain.A Sancho IV El Bravo, Tarifa - Spain.Castillo De Guzman El Bueno, Tarifa - Spain.Castillo De Santa Catalina, Tarifa - Spain.Playa De Los Lances, Tarifa - Spain.Sign proclaiming "You are in Tarifa the southeast town of Europe". Tarifa is the Southernmost point of continental Europe.Paseo De La Alameda, Tarifa - Spain.Plaza San Martin, Tarifa - Spain.Hostal La Calzada, Tarifa - Spain.Calzadilla De Telez, Tarifa - Spain.Batalla Del Salado, Tarifa - Spain.Avenida De Andalucia, Tarifa - Spain.Pension Facundo, Tarifa - spain.Tarik Hostal, Tarifa - Spain.

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