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Created 31-Jan-12
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Mechelen Travel Photos. Mechelen - Belgium Photo Gallery.
Brussels Gate, Mechelen - Belgium.27 Hoogstraat, Mechelen - Belgium.8 Korenmarkt, Mechelen - Belgium.Dijle, Mechelen - Belgium.Ijzerenleen, Mechelen - Belgium.Ijzerenleen Buildings, Mechelen - Belgium.Schepenhuis Museum, Mechelen - Belgium.St Rumbolds Cathedral, Mechelen - Belgium.Armistice Day Parade on November 11 2007, at the City Hall, Mechelen - Belgium.Military parade on November 11 2007 (Armistice Day), at the City Hall, Mechelen - Belgium.Cafes at Grote Markt, Mechelen - Belgium.City Hall, Mechelen - Belgium.Grote Markt, Mechelen - Belgium.Church Of St Peter And St Paul, Mechelen - Belgium.Palace Of Margaret Of Austria, Mechelen - Belgium.

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